“The GOP Must Seize The Center or Die”

That was the proposition being debated on NPR’s Intelligence Squared.  It is perhaps the most important debate in American politics today.  

The Intelligence Squared website describes the debate as follows: 

2012 was a disappointing year for Republicans. The failure to win key swing states in the presidential election and surprising losses in the House and Senate have prompted some reflection. Was their embrace of small government, low taxes, and a strong conservative stance on social issues at odds with shifting American demographics? Or did the GOP embrace the right platform, but the wrong candidates? 

The debaters included David Brooks (The New York Times) and Mickey Edwards (former US Congressman (R-OK)) arguing in favor of the motion and Laura Ingraham (The Laura Ingraham Show) and Ralph Reed (Faith & Freedom Coalition). 

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April 24, 2013 · 10:12 am

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