This American Life: Where Guns and Gangs Come From

Part II of This American Life‘s look at Harper High School.

This story has six acts.

  • Act One: “The Eyewitnesses” (discusses the psychological toll of witnesses gun violence first hand, 10 mins)
  • Act Two: “Your Name Written On Me” (explores the origin of a Chicago gang, 15 mins)
  • Act Three: “Get Your Gun” (teenagers explain where the get their guns, 6 mins)
  • Act Four: “Devonte, Part Two” (aftermath of 14 year old who accidentally shoots his brother, 8 mins)
  • Act Five: “Reverse Turnaround Backflip” (principal discusses balancing budget cuts in inner-city school, 7 mins)
  • Act Six: “We Are Harper High School” (chronicles how schools in other cities struggle with gun violence, 3 mins) (63 mins total) (Part I)


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February 27, 2013 · 9:52 pm

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